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About Althea

We are a health technology start-up aiming at transforming how providers interact with patients and navigate them through their care journey by leveraging the power of conversational AI and intelligent automation. Althea is an AI virtual concierge service that streamlines the patient experience by providing a seamless and personalized "1-click" service. Althea can help patients easily schedule appointments, receive reminders, manage medications, and access medical or billing information. Althea’s proprietary AI technology provides intelligent and interactive human-like conversations with patients via voice or text, making it user-friendly and highly convenient. Additionally, Althea intelligently integrates with various data sources, including personal health records and administrative tools, to enable personalized workflows for each patient.


Althea helps alleviate staff workload and burnout challenges. It boosts the operational efficiency of healthcare providers by automating patient communications and serving as a resource for interactive and easy access to medical and health information. Althea is designed to complement healthcare professionals' work by automating repetitive tasks and workflows that demand a lot of staff time and allows them to focus on more complex tasks. 


Althea is currently in the demo phase and will be released for early access soon.

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