Our mission is to address the challenges faced by healthcare providers, including staff shortages and burnout, by providing cutting-edge solutions that streamline administrative workflows and enhance patient care. In today's healthcare landscape, workforce shortages and provider burnout are creating significant challenges, resulting in compromised care quality due to limited resources and time constraints. As a result, millions of patients are experiencing care gaps, including missed appointments, screenings, follow-ups, and medication non-adherence, leading to worse health outcomes and higher healthcare costs.

We envision a future where every patient has access to a personalized team of navigators, nurses, health coaches, and care managers. This level of personalized care is challenging to achieve with current staffing models, which is why we are developing Althea. Althea is a multiskilled AI assistant specifically designed for healthcare and can augment various essential roles like navigator, medical assistant, nurse, and health coach, helping patients and supporting clinicians and staff. With Althea, we aim to bridge workforce gaps, improve patient access, and deliver a superior healthcare experience.

Meet the Team

Proven track records, expertise, and vision for shaping the future
Kam Firouzi, PhD

Founder & CEO

PhD in Eng from Stanford, 12+ experience developing AI-powered sensing in health tech

Sina Moghadam, PhD

Founder & CTO

PhD in AI from Northeastern, 12+ experience developing AI solutions in health tech

Khan Siddiqui, MD

Co-Founder & acting CMO

Serial entrepreneur, physician, investor and healthcare leader - AI, Imaging, IoT

Partners and Investors

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