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Boost patient experience
Streamline operational efficiency
Enhance staff capacity

Meet Althea, a virtual assistant unlike any other. 

Use cases

Intelligent and Conversational

makes life easier for your patients and staff.

Use cases

Althea intelligently integrates with various data sources, automates workflows,

and enables effective communications with patients. 

Boost patient experience and engagement

With its advanced conversational capabilities, Althea serves as a virtual concierge and provides patients with a personalized and seamless experience. 

Why Althea

Drive operational efficiency

Althea reduces staff workload and alleviates staff burnout by automating manual and repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on the more complex aspects of their job.

Improve patient adherence

Althea intelligently integrates with health records and admin tools to enable adaptive, personalized, and self-learning workflows tailored for each patient for reminders, follow-ups, and adherence. 

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Request a demo

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